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My joy is to support your completely unique and perfectly designed life to unfold from within you ~~~*
What a wondrous path!

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Human Design

Learning our unique Human Design penetrates right to the heart of our empowered knowing. Living it frees us to be who we are! A beautiful and harmonious synthesis of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge science, this new understanding is a gift to humanity in a time of great change.

Through calculations from our date, time, and place of birth, we actually get to see how we're designed to operate in the material world, how it is we've likely been steered away from that authenticity, and a roadmap for coming home to ourselves.

And in perfect time to let our particular Light shine its own brand of brilliance into the Oneness of all of life.


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My Offerings


"Living Your Design" phone consults and coachingWould you appreciate private phone coaching sessions for help in the day-to-day living of your authentic nature? This can be highly supportive in challenging times!
$45/30 minutes & $90/60 minutes

Introduction to Human DesignGetting right to the basics in a daytime or evening presentation. Small group 30 to 90-minute enjoyable and illuminating gatherings!
In-person presentations currently on hold. Zoom invitations to ongoing groups have been and continue to be most welcome, thank you!

I joyfully and respectively offer the above as an independent IHDS (International Human Design School) Certified "Living Your Design Guide." Human Design has been a gift to my Whole Self. Perhaps it will be for you as well!

Also offering ~

"Sacred Bridging" phone sessions with follow-upHeart-infused and soul-inspired, intentional energetic connections between us. These special times can offer deep blessings and help clear the way for the emergence of the new possibilities and potentials present within you, now ready to be known and accessed.
$45/30 minutes & $90/60 minutes

With gratitude to you and the part you play in our collective evolution! Each one matters! Great gratitude to the Light Within.

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Blessings ~~~*


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Sacred Bridging

The ever creative, elevating, intelligent, Love-sourced Light permeating all of existence ~~ imprinting us with such precision and purpose ~~ that "Light Within" ~~ trustworthy friend and compass ~~ we can help each other remember and enhance this most basic connection!

Sacred Bridging is one way the Light moves through me to support another. Through shared conversation and silence, an energetic portal naturally opens to the higher harmony that has become available. In such spaces of inner elevation, new possibilities become available.

By opening to the blessings of Sacred Bridging, you invite movement and expansion in your awareness and experience.

lluminating, transcending, healing, uniting ... all in divine timing and the Light knows the Way!

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